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"With Moneder
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"We create the
customer loyalty
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"We triple the
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We attract customers to local businesses

Moneder is a loyalty and communication tool helping to increase sales and benefits of the local trade, integrating municipal services and rewarding customers with euros (or points) which can be used to pay future purchases.


Until today, the Purchase Platform has recorded euros in sales, in transactions. Between businesses have been delivered euros or gratification points to customers (Note: VIBA Barcelona sales are not counted)

Moneder has been implanted at around 40 Municipalities, among which:

Register as a customer, commercial or municipal entity and test all the described functionalities.

Download the Moneder App

APP of the loyalty platform Moneder. Commerce customers can consult the shops of a location, their position on the map, the promotions they offer … In addition, they can connect to a business by scanning the QR code of the trade and receive gratifications in the form of points or euros. In the balance section you can check all the points and euros that have accrued.