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"With Moneder we triple the benefits:
for customers, shops and towns"

Benefits for customers

Customer receive gratifications and acomulates euros (or points) that they can use to pay next purchase.


Customer have a free APP and an intranet web where they can check upcoming promotions, list of affiliated businesses, accumulated gratifications, among others, and they can configure the reception of promotional messages from municipal entities and business where they have purchased. 

Customer have diferent ways of identification in a business:

  • Loyalty card
  • Name, telephone number or identity Card.
  • Free APP

Benefits for businesses

Shopkeepers improves benefits of their business, increasing and retaining their customers with gratifications.


License of Moneder Platform from just 50€/year, enjoying all the benefits.

compres Moneder

Through the Moneder loyalty tool merchants can:

  • Identify customers and gratify them in a few seconds.
  • Sign up for new clients in a few seconds.
  • Create gift cards to buy at their stores.
  • Download the list of clients and operations carried out.
  • Publish promotions to the APP and to the website of the municipal entity.
  • Send personalized messages to groups of customers.
  • Configure the gratifications to deliver and the public information of the business.
  • Access the simplified and fast version (adapted to tablet or mobile) optimized for markets.
  • Consult statistics about the positive evolution of the sales, thanks to customer loyalty.

Benefits for municipalities and entities

The economy of the municipality improves , thanks to customer loyalty and the sustainability of the local trade.


The municipal entity can choose a loyalty model adapted to its needs. Companies can gratify customers with:

  • Business euros: They can only be used in the same shop tat donates them.
  • Local Euros: They can be used in any associated business.
  • Points : they are exchanged for gifts or raffles at the end of campaign.
  • Others: social currencies, expiring currencies, transferable currencies between clients, among others.

Free municipal app with promotions and a map list of all the adhered business.

municipis associacions

Feeling of being part of the municipal entity with personalized loyalty cards or citizen cards.


Immediate implantation of the platform.


Through the platform, the municipality or entity can:

  • Generate different raffles and charge the economic prizes directly to customers accounts.
  • Publish promotions and campaigns to the APP and website of the municipal entity (via public API).

Sign up for new customers.

  • Download the list of all buyers.
  • Create gift cards to buy in any associated business.
  • Send custom messages and push notifications (app) to client groups.
  • Consult statistics for sectors about the evolution of the municipality’s sales.

Option to link the platform or APP to other municipal services : parking payment, access municipal services, theater discounts, among others.

Sign up for free as a customer, commercial or association and try all the features.

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