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"We offer support throughout the implementation of the system"

Through third-party companies specialized in energizing merchant associations and knowledgeable of the Moneder loyalty platform, we can offer the following support in the implementation of the Moneder platform:
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Accompaniment to the implementation by establishments:

Customized visits to explain the advantages of the Moneder loyalty platform.

Personalized training on the operation of the system in each of the establishments attached to the platform.

Help and resolution of doubts in the management of the system.

Statistics management.

Advice on the commercial promotion campaigns through the Moneder intranet.

Accompaniment in the management of promotions through the Intranet

Support to the entities the development of the project:

Management of customer registration sheets.

Management and analysis of statistics – high customer, purchasing statistics, etc.

Communication to the partners about the statistics of purchases in their establishments

Accompaniment and support to the dynamization of the Moneder loyalty platform.

Design of promotional activities of the Moneder loyalty platform

Design of promotional campaigns for the Moneder platform through the affiliated establishments.

Design of promotional campaigns of the entity – raffles, etc. – through Moneder.

Management of the promotions of the entity to the Internet.

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Advice for entities with Manager:

Methodologies and advice for the implementation of the project in the establishments.

Advice on the custody of customer registrations , data processing and statistics.

Communication and information actions in the establishments adhered to the platform.

Advice on the promotion of the Moneder loyalty tool.

Advice on the methodologies of the development of campaigns, promotions, raffles, etc., from the association through the Moneder loyalty tool.